ParticipantAdvisorTitle and Video Presentation Link
Mehmet Onurcan KayaAssoc. Prof. Figen ÖktemDeep Iterative Construction for Phase Retrieval – Video Presentation
Mutlu AhmetoğluProf. Elif UysalThreshold-ALOHA with Mini Slots – Video Presentation
Dilara ÇaygaraProf. Nevzat GençerSimulation of Magnetic Field Generated by Permanent Magnets and Design of Disk Multiple Layer Coil Sensors – Video Presentation
Arda FazlaProf. Aydın AlatanSmall Target Tracking Using Temporal Data from the Output of Object Detectors – Video Presentation
Utkan KılıçAssoc. Prof. Fatih KamışlıDevelopment of Deep Learning Based Algorithms for Image/Video Compression/Processing – Video Presentation
Şevval Belkıs DikkayaProf. Klaus W. SchmidtLow-cost vehicle platform for mapping and path
planning tasks – Video Presentation
Muhammed İzzet SezerProf. Klaus W. SchmidtLow-cost vehicle platform for semi-autonomous driving
tasks and perception – Video Presentation
Alper SoysalAssoc. Prof. Erol ŞahinMobile Inspection Robot Design and Simulation – Video Presentation
Ege KeyvanProf. Kemal LeblebicioğluAutonomous Tricopter VTOL Vehicle – Video Presentation
Atakan DurmazAsst. Prof. M. Mert AnkaraliDesign of a Robotic System to Control the Actions of the People According to Covid-19 Regulations in a Highly Populated Indoor Area – Video Presentation
Gazi Eren TuncayAssoc. Prof. Figen ÖktemImplementations of Two DNN Based Phase Retrieval Algorithms on Different Test Datasets – Video Presentation
Adem Deniz PişkinAssoc. Prof. Figen ÖktemDeep Iterative PR Problem With Sparsity Constraints – Video Presentation
İlayda SarıçamProf. Elif UysalThe Extension of Google’s BBR Protocol – Video Presentation
Umut GüloğluProf. Elif UysalImplementation of Google BBR over UDP to Reduce Age of Information – Video Presentation
Göksu KavalAssoc. Prof. Lale AlatanRF-MEMS Based Phase Shifter Design for 5G Phased Array Antenna – Video Presentation
Ali Emre BalcıAssoc. Prof. Emre ÖzkanAnother Brick on SLAM Algorithms – Video Presentation
Ataberk OkluProf. Erol ŞahinRos-based mobile inspection robot with a 6-DOF arm using an 
RGB Camera – Video Presentation
Melih Can ZerinProf. Ali Özgür YılmazSimulations of Wireless Channels and Observations about MIMO Precoding – Video Presentation
Ecem Layra GörkAssoc. Prof. Selçuk YerciAdjusting and Testing a Drift-Diffusion Model for Heterojunction Solar Cell Simulation with an Ion-Diffusing Media – Video Presentation
Zeynepnur ŞahinelAssoc. Prof. Selçuk YerciOptical Modeling of Perovskite-CIGS Tandem Solar Cell by Using Transfer Matrix Method – Video Presentation
Emir KurtAssoc. Prof. Selçuk YerciApplicability of Steady-State Photocarrier Grating Method in COMSOL Multiphysics – Video Presentation
Ozan AktürkAssoc. Prof. Murat GölDevelopment of Microgrid Monitoring Interface – Video Presentation
Eren ÖzkaraAsst. Prof. Emine BostancıPerformance Analysis of Synchronous Reluctance Machines with Fractional Slot Distributed Winding Structure – Video Presentation
Minhal AftabAssoc. Prof. Serdar KocamanEnhancement of HgCdTe on alternative substrates using band-gap engineering for SWIR nightglow radiation detection around room temperature – Video Presentation
Efe ÖztürkProf. Dr. Engin TuncerFace Spoof Attack Detection in Video – Video Presentation
Arda Barış BaşaranProf. Dr. Engin TuncerLiveness Detection with OpenCV and TensorFlow – Video Presentation
Maria AsifProf. Dr. Engin TuncerTelephone Detection – Video Presentation
Özgür GülsunaAssoc. Prof. Ozan KeysanDesign of a Printed Circuit Board Motor with Integrated Driver – Video Presentation
Zeynep ÇöklüAsst. Prof. Emine BostancıPerformance and Range Calculations of Electric Vehicles – Video Presentation
Enes CanbolatAsst. Prof. Emine BostancıEffects of Electrical Machine Characteristics on Electrical Vehicle Performance – Video Presentation
Onat Deniz DoğanProf. Dr. Kemal LeblebicioğluAutopilot for an Autonomous Tilt-Rotor VTOL Video Presentation