We expect each STAR program candidate to prepare a final video presentation that explains the motivation, methods, and results of her/his project and prepare a detailed technical report.

Video Presentation Details & Rules

Each candidate should upload the video presentation to YouTube and share the link with the STAR Program committee before 10/05/2022 (Final Extended Deadline). Details and rules are given below

We will share the video links with external reviewers (for evaluation), as well as faculty members, researchers, and students in and outside of our department. Some details about the video presentation:

  • Videos have to be in English
  • Video presentation should be around 12 min ± 2 min
  • The content of the video presentation need not be limited to the submitted report (see below). Preferably, it should reflect the most up-to-date state of the project
  • At the beginning of the presentation, each student should introduce himself/herself, the supervisor of the project, and other people who contributed to the project (e.g., mentors, team members)
  • Each student should prepare a separate and independent video explaining the core aspects of the project, even though the candidate worked with a group of students in this project. If the student is presenting a group project, it is also essential if she/he explains his/her contribution
  • Please make sure that both the audio and video quality is satisfactory
  • You should upload your video (public or unlisted, but not private) to YouTube and send us (mertan at metu) the link to the video before the deadline
  • The title of the video should be constructed as ‘METU EEE STAR 2020/2021 – Title of the project – Your Name & Surname’.
  • The description of the video should contain a short summary of the project.
  • We shared the links of the video presentations from the previous term. You can watch these and other similar videos to get some insight.

Technical Report Details & Rules

You should organize your report like a scientific/technical report. It should contain elements such as Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion (or Discussion), and sections where you detail your research experiences and outcomes.

You should use IEEE Journal Template for the reports. You You can download both word processor and LaTeX templates from here. It is not mandatory, but we highly recommend you to use LaTeX for your reports.

You should provide a public link (your website, Google Drive link, public GitHub repository etc.) to your technical report in the description of your YouTube video, such that anyone who watch your video can also read your technical report.