84 students enrolled to the STAR program in which 15 professors offered projects. 19 finalist projects joined the poster presentation competition. The following is the list of the top ranked 3 projects. Murat Can, Başer and Deniz gave a short presentation in the Awards Ceremony on October 23, 2015.

  1. Amorphous lattices for photonic integrated components – Murat Can Sarıhan
  2. A semi-autonomous omni-directional ronot that can navigate an obstacle path – Başer Kandehir
  3. Modelling of solar cells – Deniz Turkay

Additionally, METUSAT team were awarded due to their success in the 2015 International CANSAT competition.

  • CANSAT Competition – METUSAT team

Finalist List

Project List


STAR 2015 Committee: Selcuk Yerci, Serdar Kocaman (chair: Prof. Gonul Turhan Sayan)
Special thanks to Utku Civelek for his kind help with various organizational matters.