STAR Advisor Project Title
Selçuk Yerci Calculation of Maximum Efficiency of Practical Tandem Solar Cells using MATLAB
Design and construction of Michelson interfermeter and Fourier transform infrared spectometer
Elif Uysal-Bıyıkoğlu Solar Energy Prediction Using Kalman Filtering and Decision Algorithms for an Access Point on the Move
Optimizing bluethooth low energy (BLE) for wearable sensors
Finite horizon online lazy scheduling
Nevzat Güneri Gencer EEG Instrumentation Amplifier Design
Developing an optical oxymetry system using a transmitter/receiver
Serdar Kocaman Temporal Delay in optical analogue for electromagnetically induced transparency
Demonstration of negative refractive index with silicon on insulator structures to be used in optical filters
Haluk Külah Design of an RF energy harverster circuit on UMS 0.18um CMOS technology
Energy Harvesting from vibration utlizing PZT and/or electromagnetic induction techniques
Gözde Bozdağı Akar Real-time object detection by beagleboard
Fatih Koçer An automatic impedance matching system for RF-DC energy harvester
A low power low noise negative voltage generator
İlkay Ulusoy Parnas Brain Connectivity Analysis By signal processing and probablistic modelling methods
Gönül Turhan Sayan UWB electromagnetic scattered signal generation and automatic target recognation
Özgür Ergül Simulation and Analysis of Nanoantennas for Energy Harvesting
Design, simulation, and implementation of planar antennas on paper substrates for RFID applications
Barış Bayram Plasma activation and wafer bonding method for MEMS devices