STAR Projects offered in 2017 are given below. If you are interested in a project, you should contact to the faculty member who offered the project and have a joint agreement. The applications are due March 24th.

Advisor Name Project Title
Afşar Saranlı Guesture Recognition and Robot Control using Video/Depth sensor
Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Curved Robot Legs
Distributed sensing and Temperature Control of Large Spaces
Scenario based control of a robot face
Vision based control of a quad-copter UAV
Ali Özgür Yılmaz Reduced complexity detection of high order modulations
Aydın Alatan Segmentation of man-made objects from LIDAR
Hyperspectral Image Analysis
Cognitive Camera
High Dynamic Range Imaging
Barış Bayram Ultrasound Analysis and Finite Element Simulation (position filled)
Buyurman Baykal Simulation and design of mobile ad hoc networks for 5G wireless systems
Cengiz Beşikçi Novel Sensors for Infrared Imaging (Requirement: Senior level status)
Çağatay Candan Dependency Structure Estimation: The statistical analysis of the letter grades
Elif Uysal Bıyıkoğlu Implementing an IoT node to operate as part of an end-to-end  application over the Internet.
Motion detection and tracking with wearable sensors.
Implementation of an health monitoring application using a wearable sensor.
Implementation of algorithms for update scheduling for a sensing  and monitoring application.
Data collection from vehicle mounted sensors and implementation of  updating algorithms.
Emre Özkan Target tracking
Sensor fusion
Fatih Kamışlı Algorithm development/implementation for image/video compression
Extracting traffic data from video at intersections
Machine Learning applications for video compression
Figen S. Öktem Computational spectral imaging with photon sieves
Sparsity-based image reconstruction using transform learning
A novel space-frequency approach to optical resolution
Imaging for space applications (e.g. ultralight telescopes for CubeSats and weighing black holes)
Compressed sensing
Phase imaging with a coded aperture
Ultrawideband microwave imaging using MIMO arrays
Gönül Turhan Sayan Mine Detection with Ground Penetrating Radar: Simulation and Testing
Electromagnetic Detection of Objects Hidden Inside or Behind  Walls: Simulation and Testing
Metamaterial Design at Radio Frequencies, Terahertz and Infrared  Frequencies.
Distributed Fiber Optical Sensors
Gözde Bozdağı Akar Super Resolution Techniques for Medical Image Processing
Vision based defect identification in sugar beet piles
Vision-Based Quality Inspection in Robotic Welding
Haluk Külah CMOS sensors for cancer detection (position filled)
Ultralow power IC design for energy harvesting (position filled)
İlkay Ulusoy Automatic detection of retinal anomalies using image processing and machine learning tools
Kemal Leblebicioğlu Unmanned air and sea vehicles, and their payload applications (such as studies on optic camera and sonar images, videos)
Murat Göl Nanogrid control tool development
Nevzat Güneri Gençer Smart Home Control with Brain Computer Interface
Wireless Power Transfer for Medical Implants
Ozan Keysan Finite element analysis of a permanent magnet electrical machine using Ansys/Maxwell
Development of the motor drive and control embedded software using DSP Cards
Design of a filter inductor with planar magnetics
Design and loss characterization of power converters consisting of GaN power FETs
Thermal modeling, analysis and design of an Integrated Modular Motor Drive Application
Design of a micro-controller hardware platform for an Integrated Modular Motor Drive Application
Design of a power stage and gate drive PCB of an Integrated Modular Motor Drive Application
Manufacturing of a Motor Control Experimental Test-Rig Please check for further details.
Özgür Ergül Directive reflection from optical metamaterials (position filled)
THz reflectarrays (position filled)
Design and Computational Analysis of Solar Cells for Energy Harvesting (position filled)
Selçuk Yerci Solar powered drone: We will give the drone and silicon solar cells (position filled)
Modeling and fabrication of colored silicon solar cells: Requires hand on simulations and microfabrication in clean room
Detection of valence band density of states of semiconductors via photoelectron spectroscopy (position filled)
Designing optical filters for space applications: Electromagnetic simulations
Electrical design of silicon solar cells: Semiconductor simulations
Serdar Kocaman Tunable birefringent filters and modulators for photonic integrated circuits
Numerical simulations for performance improvements of infrared photodetectors
Şimşek Demir ADAP  – Anti-Drone Active Prevention : RF system against drones and UAVs (experimental work)
FAST-V – Fast Startup Vircator : Improvement of startup time of vircator by introducing controlled reflective loading (simulation based results)
APS –  DTED Based RF Altimeter Performance Simulation : Development of a radar target simulator for evaluating the performance of an RF Altimeter placed on a flying cruise platform.
Tolga Çiloğlu Please contact Prof. Tolga Ciloglu for his projects on array signal processing, underwater acoustics and speech processing.
Uğur Halıcı Brain-like computing
Yeşim Serinağaoğlu AF Classification from a short single lead ECG recording