STAR 2020-2021 Committee:

Mert Ankaralı, Alper Şahin, and Barkın Tuncer (chair: Prof. İlkay Ulusoy)

Note that, we continuously update the project list as new requests come from faculty members

AdvisorResearch/Project Title
Murat Göl1) Otonom elektrik sebekeleri (Autonomous Power Systems)
2) Dayanıklı elektrik şebekeleri (Resilient Power Systems)
Ahmet Cemal Durgun1) Application of machine learning methods on modeling of microelectronic packaging and heterogeneous integration problems
1.a) Modeling of antennas on packages
1.b) Modeling of very fine pitch interconnects
1.c) Modeling of through silicon vias
1.d) Modeling of on package photonic structures
Serdar Kocaman1) Numerical Simulations for Performance Improvements of Infrared Photodetectors
2) Tunable Birefringent Filters and Modulators for Photonic Integrated Circuits
3) Applications of Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics in Photonic Crystal Structures (double major in Physics is required)
Engin Tuncer1) Emotion detection from face images
2) Age and gender detection from images
3) Sound event detection and parameter estimation
4) Application of alternating direction method of multipliers(ADMM) in optimization problems
5) Implementation of semi-supervised generative adversarial network
Emre Özkan1) Sensor Management for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles
Selçuk Yerci1) Setting up electroluminescence imaging system – we will measure the uniformity of our homemade organic LEDs
2) Thickness measurement of thin films using optical interference
3) Terahertz spectroscopy characterization of metal oxides – measurement of mobility of semiconductors
4) Electrical simulation of solar cells
5) Fabrication of organic solar cells and LEDs
Sevinç Figen Öktem1) Deep neural networks for solving inverse problems in imaging
2) Compressive spectral imaging: mathematical models, algorithms, and optical experiments
3) Three-dimensional image reconstruction for near-field radar imaging
4) Deep-learning based image classification for breast cancer
Requirement: For any of the above topics, strong interest and background in math, algorithms, or optics
M. Mert Ankaralı1) Development of Haptic Based Human-Robot and/or Human-Computer Interfaces
Requirement: For detailed requirements see
Emine Bostancı1) Rotor Design of Synchronous Reluctance Machines – Magnetic and Mechanical Properties
2) Torque and Power Requirements of Electric Vehicle Traction Systems
3) Setup for Permanent Magnet Magnetization
4) Vibration and Noise Chracteristics of Electric Machines
New Faculty1) Long-short-term-memory network implementation for multi-user MIMO downlink precoding
2) Reinforcement learning framework for multi-user MIMO downlink precoding
3) MIMO Faster-than-Nyquist signalling
NOTE: Two students can be assigned to each one of the projects.(Contact the STAR program coordinator M. Mert Ankaralı if you want to work on these topics with the new faculty member.)