STAR 2020-2021 Committee:

Mert Ankaralı and Alper Şahin (chair: Prof. İlkay Ulusoy)

Note that, we continuously update the project list as new requests come from faculty members

AdvisorResearch/Project Title
Murat Göl1) Otonom elektrik sebekeleri (Autonomous Power Systems)
2) Dayanıklı elektrik şebekeleri (Resilient Power Systems)
Ahmet Cemal Durgun1) Modeling of antennas on packages using machine learning
2) Modeling of very fine pitch interconnects using machine learning
3) Modeling of through silicon vias using machine learning
4) Modeling of on package photonic structures using machine learning
Serdar Kocaman1) Numerical Simulations for Performance Improvements of Infrared Photodetectors
2) Tunable Birefringent Filters and Modulators for Photonic Integrated Circuits
3) Applications of Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics in Photonic Crystal Structures (double major in Physics is required)
A. Melda Yüksel Turgut1) Intelligent reflecting surface enabled UAV swarm design
2) MU-MIMO Faster-than-Nyquist signaling
Ahmed Hareedy1) Combining machine learning and coding to extend the lifetime of edge devices
2) Coding for reliable low-latency distributed computing in computational storage
3) Signal processing for new technologies (DNA data storage, in-memory computing)
Interested students who are finishing their second year in addition to more senior students are welcome to email me attaching their CVs and transcripts
Selçuk Yerci1) Setting up electroluminescence imaging and other optical system for semiconductor research – motivated 1st year (or higher level) students are welcome
2) Electrical simulation of solar cells – motivated 2nd year (or higher level) students are welcome
3) Fabrication of organic solar cells and LEDs – motivated 3rd year (or higher level) students are welcome
4) The use of fotovoltaics and LEDs in agriculture and greenhouse farms
İlkay Ulusoy1) Smart Cities, smart agriculture
Engin Tuncer1) Design of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)
2) GPS RTK implementation
3) M2M time synchronization
4) LSTM network for signal detection
Elif UysalCNG STAR 2022 Student Tasks:
Task 1: Design various APIs for  LoRa and LoRaWAN (e.g. for 
integrating LoRa with blockchain networks)

Task 2: The use of Blockchain structures in IoT systems:

Stage 1. Research and prepare a report on various Blockchain parameters
Block size
Block generation timeout
Ordering latency
Validation latency
Ledger-Commitment latency

Stage 2. Explore the following Questions (the student can add other 
questions to this list.)
How do these parameters affect the Age of Information (AoI) of IoT flows?
How do these parameters affect Age of Incorrect Information (AoII)?
Is adaptive block size good for AoI?
Comparison of private blockchain distributions for information.

Task 3: UI/Backend Design of the CNG LoRa-equipped Campus Shuttle Bus project

Task 4: Develop an API with a UI for predefined metadata with using 
websocket (or HTTP)
Emre Özkan1) Sensor Management for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles