STAR 2020-2021 Committee:

Mert Ankaralı (chair: Prof. İlkay Ulusoy)
Special thanks to IEEE METU Student Branch and Erdem Sezgin for their kind help with various organizational matters.

Advisor Reserach/Project Title
Murat Göl Implementation of a distribution system analysis tool
Development of microgrid monitoring interface
Fatih Kamışlı Development of Deep Learning Based Algorithms for Image/Video Compression/Processing
Software/Hardware Implementation of Image/Video Compression Algorithms
Serdar Kocaman Numerical Simulations for Performance Improvements of Infrared Photodetectors
Tunable Birefringent Filters and Modulators for Photonic Integrated Circuits
Applications of Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics in Photonic Crystal Structures (double major in Physics is required)
Ali Ozgur Yılmaz 3D MIMO Precoding for 5G and after
1-bit FMCW Radar Signal Processing
1-bit Multi-User Massive MIMO
Engin Tuncer Liveness detection in video
Cigarette smoking person detection
Comparison of source localization methods
Real-time direction-of-arrival estimation
Time synchronization of two computers
Emine Bostancı Effects of Electric Machine Characteristics on Electric Vehicle Performance
Performance Analysis of Synchronous Reluctance Machines with Fractional Slot Distributed Winding Structure
Magnetic Shield Design for a 50 W Wireless Power Transfer System
Lale Alatan Pattern reconfigurable antenna design with RF-MEMS switches
M. Mert Ankaralı Design, Analysis, and Control of Locomotion in Robotic and Biological Systems
Requirement: Having a good understanding of major topics in EE302
Selçuk Yerci Setting up electroluminescence imaging system – we will measure the uniformity of our homemade organic LEDs
Thermal evaporation of salts and organic materials – tooling of evaporation systems, deposition rate, base pressure, vacuum systems
Steady State Photo-carrier Grating Method – measurement of mobility of semiconductors
Terahertz spectroscopy characterization of metal oxides – measurement of mobility of semiconductors
Optical simulation of solar cells
Electrical simulation of solar cells
Fabrication of organic solar cells and LEDs
For detailed requirements see
Ozan Keysan Development of Motor Drive Controller and Data Acquisition System for 2.4MW METU Wind Tunnel
Commissioning of Photovoltaic Integrated Electric Car Charger in METU EEE Car-park
Development of a Calorimeter for High Efficiency Power Electronics Loss Measurements
Design of a integrated printed circuit board motor
Erol Şahin The positions for the project are full. Ground Inspection Robot Design and Simulation. A mobile robot platform that can take close-up shots moving a camera affixed on a robotic manipulator will be modeled and simulated in ROS/Gazebo simulation environment.
S. Figen Öktem Compressive spectral imaging: mathematical models, algorithms, and optical experiments
Three-dimensional image reconstruction for near-field radar imaging
Deep neural networks for solving inverse problems in imaging
Requirement: For any of the above topics, strong interest and background in math, algorithms, or optics
Elif Uysal Developing an age-aware mode for the MQTT protocol for IoT applications
Simulation of a novel Semantic Scheduler for networked control systems
Extension of Google’s BBR protocol
Physical and link layer design for the 5G URLLC mode
Note: In each of these topics, the STAR student will work as part of a team, including at least one graduate student
Gözde Bozdağı Akar Ternary-Networks implementation on an embeded platform
Multi-domain superresolution
Clustering using Generative Adversarial networks for remote sensing
Clutter Removal in GPR
Buried object classification with 3D GPR data
İlkay Ulusoy & M. Mert Ankaralı COVID Watch Robot: The goal of this project is to build a robotic system which continuously patrols EEMB corridors and watches if people act according to the health regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. The robot should safely navigate and search the corridors, understand if people inside the building comply with social distancing metrics, and detect people without masks. If the robot detects a person (or people) who do not comply with Covid-19 related regulations, it should warn the person and report the issue to the department.
For detailed requirements see