Advisor Name Project Title
Afşar Saranlı Robotic Face and Gesture Control
A Basketball Playing Robot for İTÜRO Competition: Sensor Based Detection and Aiming
A semi-autonomous omni-directional ronot that can navigate an obstacle path
Sencer Koç CANSAT Competition
Ali Özgür Yılmaz Transceivers for massive MIMO systems
Achieving Linear Capacity Scaling in Large Scale Wireless Networks
MIMO Channel estimation
Development of alternative Multi-carrier modulation techniques
Dynamic and distributed access with spatial reuse
Achieving Linear Capacity Scaling in Large Scale Wireless Networks
Murat Göl Modelling of Solar Panels for smart grid applications
Implementation of power system analysis tools in C++ and MATLAB
Haluk Külah Microbial Fuel Cell
Aydın Alatan Augmented Reality by using mobile devices
Automatic Recognition of targets in hyperspectral imagery
Pose estimation for augmented reality applications
An automatic grading application for smart phones
Ozan Keysan A Smart Power Supply for Raspberry Pi
Design of a single phase micro-induction motor
Design of an electric bike motor drive with no battery
Design of open source FEA Toolbox optimization
A smart phone application for condition monitoring for electric machines
Design of an Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle for HV Transmission line inspections
Design of a Control Sensor and Algorithm for Tethered Quad-copter
Design of an Open source FEA Optimization tool for Amazon Cloud Computing (Amazon EC2)
Serdar Kocaman Resonator structures for high efficiency infrared photodetectors
Design of high performance modulators for optical communication
Design of photonic crystal based on-chip filter
Design of Tunable birefringent filters for photonic integrated circuits
Phase modulators based on photonic superlattices
Amorphous lattices for photonic integrated components
Zero-phase delay lines with negatively refracting photonic crystals
Resonator structures for photonic devices
İlkay Ulusoy Parnas Brain Effective Connectivity Analysis by covariance, coherence, information and graph theory based methods
Brain connectivity analysis be signal processing and probabilistic modelling methods
Fatih Kamışlı Performance-complexity analysis of coding tools in widely used open-source x264 software video encoder
Yeşim Serinağaoğlu Doğruöz Imaging of electrical activity of the heart
Gönül Turhan Sayan Theoretical and experimental research for buried mine detection and classification
Selçuk Yerci Fabrication and test of optical filters, pinholes, rectangular slits, linerar wire polarizers and gratings for EE 495 class
Modelling of solar cells
Calculation of theoretical efficiency of multijunction solar cells
Construction of a hologram under room light
Characterization of solar cells
Özgür Ergül Full-wave simulations of 3D finite photonics crystal structures with high accuracy
Gözde Bozdağı Akar Traffic analysis from UAV (Unnamed Aerial Vehicle)
Feature extraction using Tegra K1