Advisor Project
Afsar Saranli IMU based feedback control of Industrial Crane (Control Lab)
Dual-Camera based 3D Object Localization in large spaces (Control Lab)
6DOF Robot Arm + Lidar based 3D Scanner (RoLab)
IOT Distributed Temperature Measurement and Control (Control Lab)
Scene analysis and Segmentation using Depth Sensor (RoLab)
Remote virtual presence using 6DOF Robot arm and Stereo Camera
Reaction wheel based control of inverted pendulum (RoLab)
Servo driven Robot Gripper Design and Implementation (RoLab)
ROS-Pixhawk based Quad-Rotor UAV Control (RoLab)
Aydin Alatan Segmentation of man-made objects from LIDAR
Hyperspectral Image Analysis
Cognitive Camera
High Dynamic Range Imaging
Cengiz Besikci Novel Quantum Structured Infrared Detectors for Thermal Imaging
Elif Uysal Biyikoglu Implementation of Age-aware application layer sampling on UDP connections
AoI-aware transmission using Statistical and machine learning methods
Implementation of a novel age-aware MAC layer on software-defined radios
Implementation of novel IoT sensor platforms
Emre Ozkan Tracking and Learning 3D Objects for Autonomous Vehicles
Fatih Kamisli Applications of Machine Learning Algorithms to Image/Video Compression/Processing
Software/Hardware Implementation of Image/Video Compression Algorithms
Figen S. Oktem Compressive Spectral Imaging: Signal Recovery Algorithms and Optical Implementation (scholarship available)
Optimization of Sparse MIMO Array Designs for Microwave Imaging
Gonul Turhan Sayan Mine Detection with Ground Penetrating Radar: Simulation and Testing
Electromagnetic Detection of Objects Hidden Inside or Behind  Walls: Simulation and Testing
Metamaterial Design at Radio Frequencies, Terahertz and Infrared  Frequencies.
Distributed Fiber Optical Sensors
Gozde Bozdagi Akar Noise and texture sharpness measurement for digital camera quality test
Deep learning for medical image processing
Detection of scratches on specular metal surfaces
High-Performance Branch Predictor Design
Klaus Werner Schmidt Controller Design for an Autonomous Lane Keeping System
Control of Vehicle Platoons
Planning Vehicle Maneuvers in Dense Traffic
Murat Gol Detection of distribution system elements from camera image
Solar generation forecasting with cloud monitoring
Mustafa Mert Ankarali Design, Analysis, and Control of Locomotion in Robotic and Biological Systems
Selcuk Yerci Optical simulation of solar cells (open to students at any grade)
Electrical simulation of solar cells (sophomore and above, having a good understanding of topics in EE212 is preferred)
1D and 2D tranmission line measurement method: simulation and experiment studies (sophomore level and above)
Fabrication of a solar cell that looks like a painting (assigned)
Development of solar cells having organic – inorganic mixed layers (sophomore level and above)
Fabrication of upconversion layers using Sol-Gel method (juniour level and above)
Serdar Kocaman Numerical Simulations for Performance Improvements of Infrared Photodetectors
Tunable Birefringent Filters and Modulators for Photonic Integrated Circuits
Applications of Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics in Photonic Crystal Structures (double major in Physics is required)